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Ticking Clocks and Patting Rain
The place to lose yourself.
30th-Nov-2018 02:52 pm - [Fanfiction] [HnKnA] Minor Details
Title: Minor Details
Author: harroe
Fandom: Heart no Kuni no Alice / Alice in the Country of Hearts
Character/s: Joker
Summary: Beauty is found in the most minute of details. During the April Season there is one particular artist who has mastered this truth.

Author’s Note: This was inspired by a scene in Vivaldi’s third friendship event in JnKnA, though it’s completely unrelated. I hope I can show people a new side to a character.

Along the outskirts of the Hearts Castle town, beneath the cherry blossoms, walked a lone figure. Like perfume, an especially strong scent of flowers permeated the air around him.
At times a force, tangible, yet unseen seemed to encompass him and flow out, causing his locks of hair to sway as if caught in a breeze, and the decorative golden rings of his attire to jingle with a sound almost like chimes. Whenever his crimson eye fell upon an unopened bud, or an unsightly dead branch, or even a bland patch of ground, this power, delicately wielded like a brush to a canvas, covered every imperfection, leaving behind only the most exquisite piece of art.
Soon this living work both ethereal and unsigned, began to draw crowds of passersby away from their daily routines. Young children, eyes wide with wonder, pointed out the vast array of delicate blossoms, while couples oohed and aahed, getting their pictures taken to mark the occasion. Even the elderly gathered at the benches alongside the path to gaze at the bright hues of pink and white.
Watching from the edge of the tree line was the artist himself, content to remain unseen, and rewarded only with the sounds of awe and laughter. It was the only signature this masterpiece would ever receive.
Bishie Dibs!
Dang, it takes a while to scan all this doujinshi. That's all of it though.

Don't mind the numbers. I just can't make my own charts, so I borrowed someones icon table code. Oh, and if some of the images are cut off, maximize your window. I don't know if there is some special coding to make this work other than that.

01/14/2013 - Okay, here's an update. I've added two more Alice series doujinshi. One is a collection of East Castle's HnK doujins, and the other is a Julius anthology. The "Tales of the Abyss" section is now called the "'Tales of' series" section because I added three more doujins(not all from Tales of the Abyss, but still 'Tales of' series). Gintama also had two more OkiKagu doujins along with a Kamui/Kagura doujin(normal sibling love, not a pairing). Now because I have one Black Wolves Saga doujinshi and one Okashi na Shima no Peter Pan doujinshi, I just added a "Misc. Otome Game" section. They haven't earned their own section yet because I just don't have enough doujinshi for that to be worth it.

Doujinshi list is hereCollapse )
It's taken far too long to finish this project, but with lots of help I can finally share it with everyone.

preview pic

Omochabako no Kuni no Alice - Joker Comic

Read Online

Artist: Job
Pairing: Black Joker X Alice

Summary: This is a one-shot based off of the first fan disk of QuinRose’s Alice series games, Omochabako no Kuni no Alice. Alice and the role holders have been placed into a magical parody setting. Some are students and some are teachers at the prestigious magic school, Symphonia. On her way to become a witch, Alice must study plenty of difficult texts and exercise many different abilities. One day while she is struggling to comprehend the art of summoning, Black Joker comes along with his own special brand of advice.

Please enjoy and do not re-upload anywhere else. I made sure to have an online reader option and a download available for everyone’s needs. Feel free to use anything you see for graphics purposes.
10th-Sep-2013 04:10 pm - Joker - Fushigi Event 1
White Joker

I brought this over from my tumblr account in hopes that even more people will be able to enjoy it.

This is a translation of Joker’s first event from his fushigi route in Omochabako no Kuni no Alice (Alice in the Country of Toybox). If anyone sees a major mistake, I’ll gladly accept advice on how to fix it.

Game narrative is written normally, while Alice’s thoughts are in parenthesis, and dialogue has the name of the character speaking in bold font at the beginning. All names used to represent the speaker are taken directly from the game (So don’t ask me why White Joker is simply called “Joker” while Black Joker is called “Black Joker". I don’t know either.). I also have a few personal translation notes in brackets, since this is more for myself and I’m just sharing it. They shouldn’t be a problem though. That’s it.


Read more...Collapse )

1st-Sep-2013 08:32 pm - Something interesting.
Hikari Curse
I've been allowing some of my otome game doujinshi to be scanlated. None of it is released yet, but it will be something to look forward to. Yes, even the R18 ones. So people who have been craving things from the more naughty side of the fandom will get some love too. I'm still not sure how I feel about this on the moral level. The reason I finally caved was because I was getting tired of reading the doujins in Japanese. It's good practice, but sometimes when I'm tired and just want a little fluff that isn't complicated, a scanlation starts becoming very appealing.

Keep an eye on Mad Hatter Scans. I've been scanning things for them, and we're becoming quite infamous for Alice series manga, anthololgies, and doujins. They have also made some lovely subs with game graphics for some Alice drama CD translations. There has been some experimentation to see what works best, but things are looking much more smooth now. I think they are the main source for Alice series stuff at this point XD.

Go check out their other projects too. Lots of treasures to be found there, or maybe they just happen to appeal to my personal tastes lol.
Bagworn chibi
 photo r_vs_j_zps1cef339b.jpg

Title: Romeo VS Juliet
Site: Romeo VS Juliet
Platform: PSP
Release Date: 2013

With just the main page available at first, I didn't know what to think about this game. The original story wasn't all that good in my opinion. Shakespeare certainly had other works that I favor much more. Now that the character page is up though, I got a more in depth look at the cast. Apparently Juliet's family is made up of vampire hunters while Romeo's family is made up of vampires. What really sold me on this game was that Quinrose made Shakespeare one of the characters too XD. If this continues to look interesting, I may have to pre-order it.
17th-Feb-2013 08:27 pm - Dot Kareshi -We're 8bit Lovers-
Follow the White Rabbit

Otome Jikan posted an article with the translation for this along with some other information. It can be found here http://otome-jikan.net/2013/02/rejets-dot-kareshi-were-8bit-lovers/

I want to play this game so bad. It is the aftermath to all those RPG games I never finished, and will show me how I've warped all those guys that continued to wait for me to return, never knowing that I got caught up in something else.

Rejet must be full of a bunch of sick xxxxxxx... (That's why I like them XD)
Deep Hug
A new otome game is getting localized by Aksys Games. They've picked up the title "Bakudan Handan" by Idea Factory and Otomate, and are calling it "Sweet Fuse: At Your Side" for the English release. This will be for the PSP/Vita console, so there will be a UMD and PSN version. It is scheduled for release some time over this summer 2013.


Here is a link the article released by Aksys Games about it. A Sweet Valentine Announcement - Sweet Fuse: At Your Side!

Some other useful links.
English game site: Sweet Fuse: At Your Side
Japanese game site: バクダンハンダン

(As a personal comment, I just want to say that I am excited for a new otome game title being licensed. Hakuouki was fun, but I've been itching for other otome game titles to make it over here. It looks like Aksys Games is sticking with Idea Factory/Otomate for now, which is understandable. I'm hoping that in the future we may be able to get games localized from other companies as well. That still may be a ways off, but I can be content with this. Thanks Aksys Games~)
19th-Jan-2013 06:06 pm - The west coast is mocking me!
While I was browsing through Anime News Network, this article showed up.


I'd love to see this. Sword Art Online was one of the anime I enjoyed following. It's far from perfect, but I like that it was one of the few anime I've seen where the romance isn't dragged out with character denial. The two main characters actually get married! What's even better is that the creator didn't wait until the end of the story to do it.

Even though the survival game theme is hardly new, this is one of the first that I've personally been exposed to. That being said, I may have enjoyed it more than it deserves.

It would just be nice to be able to see what Reki Kawahara has to say about his work.
4th-Jan-2013 11:17 pm - Got my goods~
In the confusion of the holidays I was never told that my package had been shipped. It was quite a surprise to see the UPS man this morning. Then when I picked up my package I couldn’t imagine what it could be, because I was positive it was way too heavy to be my otome games lol. So it turned out that the weight was due to all the pre-order bonuses XD.

Pics are under the cut for your protection XD...Collapse )
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