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Ticking Clocks and Patting Rain
The place to lose yourself.
Got my goods~ 
4th-Jan-2013 11:17 pm
In the confusion of the holidays I was never told that my package had been shipped. It was quite a surprise to see the UPS man this morning. Then when I picked up my package I couldn’t imagine what it could be, because I was positive it was way too heavy to be my otome games lol. So it turned out that the weight was due to all the pre-order bonuses XD.



There are a couple of doujinshi I had shipped with my games. The one on the left is for Black Wolves Saga, and the one on the right is for Okashi na Shima no Peter Pan.
5th-Jan-2013 11:07 pm (UTC)
Ooh, nice haul!!

I've seen the Peter Pan doujinshi floating around before, but I was sorta hesitant because Michael/Wendy wasn't one of my favorite pairings. Thoughts? Is it any good?
7th-Jan-2013 06:06 pm (UTC)
I've been so busy with my two games, that I haven't actually read the doujinshi yet lol. But if you want to know what it was like, I could post a summary or a review after I get the chance to read it.

Right now I'm going for the Nightmare & Gray endings in DnK. I'd like to see the more of the new guys, but I'm trying to save them for later.
8th-Jan-2013 07:14 am (UTC)
I'd love a quick review if you're so inclined once you get a chance to read. ^.^

Heh heh, yes. Nightmare and Gray were my first choices too. (Though it's disappointing to discover that they're only 'uber mini' Routes and not real ones...) Now I'm on Julius, as I wanted to round up the Clover boys first. But darned if Jericho's awesomeness isn't getting in the way.
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