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Ticking Clocks and Patting Rain
The place to lose yourself.
Joker - Fushigi Event 1 
10th-Sep-2013 04:10 pm
White Joker

I brought this over from my tumblr account in hopes that even more people will be able to enjoy it.

This is a translation of Joker’s first event from his fushigi route in Omochabako no Kuni no Alice (Alice in the Country of Toybox). If anyone sees a major mistake, I’ll gladly accept advice on how to fix it.

Game narrative is written normally, while Alice’s thoughts are in parenthesis, and dialogue has the name of the character speaking in bold font at the beginning. All names used to represent the speaker are taken directly from the game (So don’t ask me why White Joker is simply called “Joker” while Black Joker is called “Black Joker". I don’t know either.). I also have a few personal translation notes in brackets, since this is more for myself and I’m just sharing it. They shouldn’t be a problem though. That’s it.


Joker Fushigi Event 1


I left my place of stay and headed into the forest.

(There is no longer a circus.)

In an attempt to get away completely, I go to a place where no one is.

A colorful stage, and a team of skilled performers.
And that person with two faces, the leader and the head.

They also must have left with the end of the circus performance.


Alice: ……Hm?

(What’s that sound?)

At the time that the circus was held in the forest, it was overflowing with lively sounds that wouldn’t lose to the amusement park.

However, if it didn’t correspond to a performance period, it was a quiet space, where you couldn’t be certain whether someone was in the forest.

A member would devote themself to practicing in silence, and he……


Joker: Welcome, Alice. Would you like to change the season?

Alice: ……

Alice: ……WHAT?

Joker: It’s too bad, even though you took the trouble to come. Now that the circus has ended I can no longer change the season.

Alice: Joker!? You’re still here!!?

My voice raises an octave at the figure of the black-clad clown that appeared from between the trees.

Joker: “Still”?……, how cruel. Wouldn’t it be better if you didn’t say it like that? It hurts you know.

Joker: Even though I only want to entertain everyone, why am I so hated? When even you hate me there is truly no reward.

With a laugh and a dry smiling expression, Joker hadn’t changed at all from the time I went to this place to change the season.

(It doesn’t seem like a dream.)

Before, Joker has come out in my dreams, but now I think he must be real when I see his appearance right in front of my eyes.

Alice: But didn’t you say that the circus had ended? So then why are you still here?

It’s as if I wanted to meet him again, yet I did not want to meet him ever again……
When I meet him there are always coflicting feelings that rise to the surface within me.

(I wouldn’t necessarily call it “dislike”, though I feel that it is clearly something different from “like”.)

He isn’t known well enough to be called a friend, and such a obscure and complex feeling is frightening to come to grips with……

Joker: The stage may appear to have ended, but the clean up is not so easily finished.

Joker: This is what happens when the head and the member aren’t connected, because it is a successful withdrawal operation when there is unanimous unity.

Looking around from the mention of it, there certainly are several props for the circus, and packing materials scattered on the ground.

Undoubtedly the members are proceeding with the dismanteling work inside the tent.


Black Joker: Joker, you bastard. Quit slacking off out here.* [T/N: Black Joker literally says “Quit selling oil out here.”]

Alice: !!!

A man with an identical face, but with a completely contrasting expression, emerges from behind.

Black Joker: I rounded up the help AND IT’S NOT ENOU-……, Hm? So you were playing hookie with this brat again.

Alice: ……You are too.

(Well, if White is here it might be odd if Black wasn’t.)

With some large baggage, Black’s sweaty face would occasionally look at me, and he’d shake his hand as if driving off a dog.

Black Joker: We’re fine, hurry off to wherever. Joker said it too. We’re busy cleaning up right now.

Black Joker: You’re likely to ****** and I don’t have the spare time to be bothered with a brat.

Alice: ……

As usual, this guy has a foul mouth.

Joker: By the way, why did you come to the circus, Alice? Although here is already a place where only debris remains……, did you come to play?

Alice: ……I don’t know. For some reason my feet were just facing this way.

The former site of the leisurely circus where no one is.

Even though I should have come to this place anticipating it……, it’s also true that I felt slightly relieved to meet them.

It feels as if somewhere I knew that they were waiting for me here from the beginning.

(For what?)

It is the end of the season of liars, and I also left Joker with the circus.
Though thinking they stayed here should be a strange in itself.

(As I thought, perhaps I wanted to meet that person?)

I don’t understand it, even though they are my own feelings.

Joker: Alice? What happened? To have such a rigid expression……

Joker: Although we are withdrawing, here is the circus. Wouldn’t it be useless if you don’t enjoy it?

Black Joker: Damn, that frustrated face…… I don’t have things like sweets to calm down a brat.

Alice: ……

(I’m a child?)

Joker here, seems to want to treat me like a child to the end.

Joker: Joker says he doesn’t have any, but I do. Won’t you eat some candy, Alice?

Alice: I don’t need it.

I’m not a child who can be lured in with sweets.

I turn my face away from the other party who offers candy taken out from thin air.
However, the other party is not a man who can be escaped from easily.

Joker: Don’t say that, at least give it a try. This is delicious……, now then, here.

Alice: !!? Jo-Joker!


Joker: “Ah”

A small object was thrown into my open mouth in a instant of surprise.

Alice: Un……

A sweet taste spreads in my mouth.
But because it is mortifying how I had been manipulated, I could barely taste it.

Joker: No need to be so cautious. It’s really just candy.

Joker: It’s the same as what is sold in the stalls during the performance. A delicious, popular product.

I don’t spit out the candy that was suddenly pushed in my mouth. Should I be angry? It isn’t possible to do anything but roll the candy around in my mouth in bewilderment.

Joker: How is it? Tasty? I’ve never eaten this flavor.


Alice: …… Well, I’ve never eaten this flavor at your circus.

Alice: But, I feel like I know this flavor. I wonder where it was……

Although it’s just candy, this anxious feeling is unavoidable.
The flavor that Joker gave me tugs at a memory somewhere.

Unlike fruit, it feels bitter somewhere despite being sweet.

I feel attracted to the hidden flavor within the sweetness.

(Where have I eaten it……
Such a flavor is unforgetable once tasted, yet despite the flavor……)

I can’t recall.

Black Joker: There is no such clear comparison on your face. You really don’t know this flavor?

Black took the grain candy from White’s hand without permission and tossed it into his mouth.

Black Joker: It’s ordinary candy right? How can it be flavorless?

Alice: Even if you say so…… I only feel like I’ve eaten it somewhere before.

So I became a little worried.

(Only a little……)

There shouldn’t be any reason to worry further.

Joker: Hn, is that so? Well Alice, if you can recieve that much from the taste, then it was worth treating you.

Alice: I didn’t taste it because you tossed it in.

I don’t want to say that I ate something extremely delicious.

Joker: Don’t fret over the details. It’s fine right? At the very least it was……palatable wasn’t it?

Joker smiled sweetly as he takes my hand and begins walking.

Alice: Wah, wh-what are you-

Joker: It was cluttered before the withdrawal however, yes, isn’t the timing perfect? I’ll show you around inside, Alice.

Alice: Inside……? But if it’s the inside, I’ve been there many times and already know about it.

It is a place I visited repeatedly during the performances.
Many of the techniques shown in the parade of light and darkness are still fresh in my mind.

However, Joker shakes his head with a smile.

Joker: That’s true, you know the scenery from the seats well, but…… You’ve never seen the view from the other side, have you?

Black Joker: Hey……, Joker. I’m against it, taking this brat backstage.

Black Joker: In an unknown place where there are breakable things, she is definitely going to trip.

Black Joker: Although they can be fixed even if they’re broken, what are you going to do when we’re in the middle of clean-up, with more than enough to do all over the place.

White doesn’t seem to care about the words of opposition from his partner.

Joker: Hahaha, that’s fine isn’t it? If she breaks something, that can’t be helped.

Alice: Wa-wait a minute, Joker! Why do I have to go……!!


I was drawn into the tent, and all visibility momentarily blacked out.
Instead when I looked……, I saw the stage during a performance.


Alice: Ah……!

Boy Member: That’s dishonest Joker. Only we had to clean up……

Girl Member: Yes, that’s right. It’s not easy to put these things away.

Joker: Sorry, I apologize. That aside, a lovely guest……, wait, no.

Joker: Don’t critisize too much, since I brought an unusual visitor.

The children, who are aquaintances from the circus, come running up to the original Joker.* [T/N: “original Joker” meaning “White Joker”.]

The children who came up to his feet heard his words, and seem to have finally noticed my existence.

I also remember meeting them face-to-face several times during the performances.

Boy Member: Ah, it’s true! Welcome. Did you come for an inspection?

Girl Member: You really are dishonest, Joker. You left us out so only you could accompany her.

They shouted and followed Joker around, then turned to come jump me.

Alice: ……hn

Contrary to appearance, the power holding my wrist tightly is of considerable strength.
Very little power is used, to the extent that I don’t sense the pain.

It’s upleasant to recall that even if the children wear innocent smiles on the stage, they are not as they appear.

Girl Member: Thank goodness, you came before we left here. Hey Joker, will big sis also come with us?

Alice: Huh?

Girl Member: But why else would you bring her inside? Those who aren’t shown the inside are outsiders, right?* [T/N: “Outsiders” here is not the same term used for people from Alice’s world.]

Alice: Wai-……, what are you two saying!? I only came into the forest by chance.

I don’t want to go together with this circus.
For me there is a place to return.

Black Joker: Brats need to play freely with other brats. Aah, what a pain……

Black Joker: Hey, Joker. Here is under your jurisdiction. Make the rest work out somehow.

Joker: Hey now Joker, it’s not only myself who has the means to comfort. That goes for you guys too. Since she is an important visitor, it’s not okay to bully her.

Just like that, he pulls me away from the children effortlessly.

Even though it appeared that the force applied when he gripped my hand weakened, just what sort of method did he use, that I don’t feel any pain?

Joker: Clean up has ended, stop.

Boy Member: Eh? We don’t have to clean up?

Girl Member: We have to rest?

Alice: ……?

(Are they not happy for a break?)

It’s a completely different look than just a little bit ago when they were playful with me.
For some reason their faces seemed troubled when they were ordered to stop.

Joker: Don’t worry, you don’t need to rest. It’s just that we have the long-awaited chance to exercise our skills up close.

Joker: Don’t you want to test your skills?

Boy Member: Yes, I do! I want to show how good I’ve become at the trapeze.

Girl Member: Even I became good at the tightrope!

Boy Member: I’m better at it.

Girl Member: No way, I’m better at it!

Alice: !!

Is this a knife throwing practice? I go rigid as two people flash knives at each other.

(Whe-when it comes to the people of this world, everyone and their brother……)

Joker: Hey now, don’t glare at each other here. Since she is still a guest, if you are going to show a different show, don’t bother.

Joker: Since you are still practicing knife throwing, isn’t it useless to show her?

In a casual and light manner, Joker collected the knives from the hands of the two people and laughed. Then they reluctantly began to walk away.

Boy Member: The trapeze comes first okay?

Girl Member: Nuh-uh, the tightrope.

Black Joker: Since you suck at both isn’t it the same? Do it quickly and get her outta’ here.

Alice: ……Why do you want to drive me out so badly?

No matter how much it is said that strangers are easily liked in this world, I came suddenly without warning.

Although I didn’t think I was unconditionally welcomed, his words are unusually thorny.

Black Joker: Isn’t it obvious? You are a stupid brat of the worst quality. ……When you see what there is to see, hurry back home.

He only said what he wanted to say, and then Black disappeared.

Alice: That guy, he must really hate me.

Though I don’t think he has to treat me so blatantly harsh without even mingling.

Joker: Joker hates you?

Alice: I mean, doesn’t he though? If he doesn’t hate me, why was he over there coldly driving me away?

The people of this world act favorably to Outsiders.
Though I don’t think I should become familiar with this, the awareness of this reaction as normal has also sprouted.

However, at first I thought it was disgusting to be liked by anyone.
I feared becoming accustomed to it.

From the time that the unatural has become commonplace, I get anxious when the order is disturbed.

I was a little scared that I have adjusted to such an arrogant idea.

Joker: Hehe, that is a misunderstanding, Alice. Joker doesn’t hate you.

Joker: Rather, he is quite taken with you.

Alice: ……It’s like that?

Joker: Precisely. Because I’m also quite taken with you, that means even Joker will like you.

Alice: ……

(I also can’t understand this reasoning.)

Joker: Because we are two parts of the same card existing simultaniously, there can be no mistake. Now, come.

Joker: Your own circus is waiting, because it is only visible from the inside.

Boy Member: Here I go~

Girl Member: I’m ready~

Boy Member: Ready, GO!

Girl Member: Ready, GO!


Alice: Wahh

The sound of a cutting wind reverberates directly overhead.
The view was also different from the audience seating.

Although I was always watching the scene from a distance in the audience, it was like an event somewhere in a far off world.

(It’s breathtaking……)

The children come and go as lightly as balloons in the air, and there is even time to wave directly below at me.

It seems like because I am right under them, I cannot shake the increasing realization of the height, though the children don’t appear frightened at all.

(Even so, what kind of practice is this where there is no net laid down?)

There certainly was no appearance of a net laid out during the performances up to now, but it is much too dangerous to show in an area with no audience.

Though they have practiced to aquire this confidence and technique, they may be sorry if they fail and are injured……, such a thing is insufficient even if they have multiple lives.

Alice: Tha-that’s dangerous. They’ll fall!

Alice: It’s reckless to catch that girl when he is just hanging by one leg!

Joker: They’re fine, look.

Alice: !!

The instant the girl who flew through the air connected with him, the boy supported her body with one hand.

Moreover, she goes up past his body and stands on top of the swing.

Alice: ……

My words were caught in my throat for the rest of the act.

Joker Mask: Geh, something like that is a piece of cake. This is their role.

Joker Mask: Quit gaping, that idiotic look is spreading on your stupid face.

Alice: ……

Alice: Didn’t you leave?

Joker: What do you want, Joker? Afterall, you only have to come out if you’re worried.

Joker Mask: Wha……? Who’d want to be near this idiot?

Alice: “Idiot”……

(No, indeed it can’t be said that I am clever.)

Though I have no specific purpose, it is not wise to stay in this circus itself.

If I passed through places other than my place of stay, there must have been some other spot to choose besides here.

(Really, I wonder why I came here?)

Joker: Alice

Alice: Yes? Ah……!

While I averted my gaze for a little bit, two people had stopped moving.
They look down on me who is on the stage in dissatisfaction.

Boy Member: ……Was I no good on the flying trapeze?

Girl Member: Just as I thought, the tightrope would have been better. I told you so.

Joker: Hahaha, I’m very sorry, since Joker was speaking to me, my mind deviated. Hey now, don’t glare daggers at each other in such a place, come down over here.

Boy Member: Okay, I understand.

Girl Member: Joker, next time we’ll do the tightrope for sure. And Joker, I didn’t like that you got in the way this time.

Two people easily descend the rope that hangs from the ceiling, and come down on the stage smoothly.

(……These children, I wonder why they are looking at me like that.)

I can understand if they are curious, because I have been welcomed many times in the past.
However, rather than being something that is of interest to them, it is close to a look of expectation.

They are looking very hard.
Almost as if……

(It’s as if they seriously want to take me along……, that’s the feeling I get.)

I don’t even like it to that extent, and there is no reason for me to become a circus member in the first place.

Joker: Hmm……, what should she do? Alice, what would you like to do?

Alice: …… Huh?

Alice: What do you mean by, “What would you like to do”?

Joker: There is no meaning, it’s exactly as I said. What would you like to do?

Joker: The flying trapeze, the tightrope, beast taming…… I’ll let you do anything you want to do.

(How did we end up talking about this!?)

Alice: Joker, I didn’t come for a personal introduction to the circus, did I?

Joker: It’s fine though, right? Just watching is boring isn’t it?

Joker: Since you went up on the stage that no one goes excluding the members, you only need to learn one thing. I wonder what would suit you?

In response to Joker’s question, the children raised their hands cheerfully.

Boy Member: It’s got to be the trapeze, because I’ll definitely catch her.

Girl Member: What are you saying? I said we’d do the tightrope this time. We should do that first.

Joker: Hahaha, you’re a popular person, Alice. Until now, it’s rare for our members to invite anyone.

Joker: How about it? Don’t you feel like giving it a little try?


Option 1: I’ll pass.
Option 2: If it’s just a little, I’ll try.


Option 1: I’ll pass.

Alice: First of all, I never said I would participate.
And I will not imitate something like what you people do.

The physical strength of the people in this world, especially the people called role holders, is already at an abnormal level.

Earlier the ones who displayed the flying trapeze are not role holders, making the motion only possible based on daily practice.

(It’s not possible to learn by example in such a short period of time.)

It is also rude to the people who are professionals of this occupation.

Joker: It’s not like that. If you try you might be surprisingly good at it.

Joker: Besides, Alice, the circus cannot be done alone. It goes well only after you have a partner.

Alice: ……Still, that’s way too reckless.

(My reflexes aren’t terribly poor, but I don’t feel like challenging it.)

Joker Mask: Oh, don’t you know you should do your small share? Ah, I see, this doesn’t suit a really stupid woman like you.

Joker Mask: It was a little better when you didn’t have a damn clue.

Alice: ……

(I wonder if it would be refreshing to give this mask one good knock.)

Just what the hell does the foul-mouthed Joker think of me?

Joker: Joker, you’ve been talking up until now, but you’re still not done?

Alice: ……

Joker: Hehe, you’re not frustrated?

(Can this person read my mind?
Or is my face just very easy to understand?)

Alice: ……I’LL DO IT.

Joker Mask: Wha!? What did you say you **** woman! You shouldn’t be able to do it right?

Alice: You’ve been condemning me from the beginning, and I’m pissed off.* [T/N: last part originally says “Come to my head”]

I didn’t intend to want a head-on challenge, but that way of thinking is truly in character when I look back.

(I feel like I’ve been put up to this but……, I want to fight back a little.)

Joker: Hehe, it sounds like you’re coming.


Option 2: If it’s just a little, I’ll try.

(Even if I complain……, it’s not easy to drag things out.)

Regrettably, the inhabitants of this world don’t listen no matter what people say. I’ve experienced it enough in the past to understand.

I can’t easily drag out a refusal with a character like Joker either.

(Well, it should by fine.)

When I left my place of stay, it wasn’t necessarily decided from the beginning where I would go.

Now that I’ve taken the trouble to come to the circus, trying some things doesn’t seem so bad.

Alice: If it’s only a little bit, I don’t mind trying, but…… I’m limited to what isn’t dangerous.

Joker Mask: Wha!? Can you do it!?

Joker Mask: There’s no way, impossible, sit this one out. If you’re injured, don’t think I’ll take responsibility for it.

Joker: Joker, why would you speak based on the assumption of an injury from the beginning? Isn’t it our role to make sure there are no injuries?

Joker Mask: You’re full of shit. There’s no way I’ll protect such a dull woman.

Alice: ……I don’t think you need to look after me either.

Black Joker: Oh, you actually said it, you **** woman.

That’s tit-for-tat.
Black, who must have disappeared before, appeared when answering back.

Alice: ……Disappearing, then coming out again, you must be busy.

(You aren’t the same as someone who is restless.)

Joker: Hehe, you two are close. Alice, I never expected you to have such good relations with Joker.

Joker: Wait……, I think I’m jealous.

Alice: Hn

The other Joker intervenes in front of the man and I who are glaring at each other.

Alice: Jo-Joker!!?

Joker: I’m kidding, it’s a joke. Now then, Alice.

Joker: What will you challenge? Have you decided yet? If you don’t decided soon, I’ll decide for you.

- On to Joker Fushigi Event 2-

21st-Sep-2013 12:34 am (UTC)
May I just say that you are awesome!!!
21st-Sep-2013 02:13 am (UTC)

Thanks for the compliment. I'm hoping I can get off my butt to do all of Joker's fushigi events eventually.

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27th-May-2014 04:25 am (UTC) - You!
You are truly amazing and awesome for posting this, thank you!
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